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  • Ekam Yoga
  • 16th May, 2019

Insights of Practice an Asana

To achieve true YOGA effect in ASANAS, one must not only be physically active but also mentally anchored and breathable. Let these three parts be integrated in the postural exercise.

Physical affordability is the act of activating the body in certain parts, or uncovering layers to achieve accuracy, precision, and integrity. Thereby enhance its ability to do so by attempting to mobilize its own body in the pose.

A mind is BLISSFUL that is at peace with itself, a mind that is free from distraction, a mind that is at peace with its body, and a mind that is at peace with itself, psychologically, it has all the characteristics of stability, serenity, sincerity, neutrality, tolerance, impartiality and maturity.

All the rest of the descriptive consciousness (CHETNA) fluctuations. Breathing can afford to circulate is to use breathing to explore the skeletal body, physical body, emotional body and psychological body in practice. Breathing exploration at the mental and physical levels, or at the rough and subtle levels, is necessary. Breathing technique should be used to calm down your body.